EC will make sure that Romania’s Criminal Code changes respect EU laws


The European Commission (EC) said on Wednesday, July 4, that it won’t hesitate to take all the needed action to make sure that the changes to Romania’s Criminal Code the Parliament voted this week respect EU laws in the field of justice.

The EC added that it was increasingly worried about these changes, local reported.

The Chamber of Deputies gave its final vote on Wednesday on some controversial changes to the Criminal Code, which partly decriminalize some corruption offences.

“We will analyze the final legislative texts to see if they are compatible with EU justice laws, with police cooperation and international standards. As guardian of the treaties, we won’t hesitate to take the necessary actions to ensure this compatibility,” the EC announced.

The EC also underlined the importance of the fight against corruption and maintaining an independent justice, which are the base for the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) reports.

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