Editorial Guidelines

We at Romania-Insider.com stand by and take pride in the ethical principles of our job. Everything we do as Romania-Insider.com journalists is independent. We do our best to get information correctly, go to the original source of the news and report it back to our readers, free from bias. The editorial side of this website works independently from the advertising sales side and whatever we write, we write in good faith. We strive to be accurate, balanced and ethical.

In order to make it clearer how we work, here are the main editorial rules we stand by and apply day in and day out. Knowing these will help when getting in touch with us:

  • We will not write in exchange for money or any other benefits from third parties. Our editorial content is not for sale. There are specially marked ad spaces that you can buy.
  • If you want Romania-Insider.com to write about you or your company/project, please get in touch with our reporters and editors directly.
  • If you want to discuss advertising options, one of our colleagues in the  ad sales department will be there to assist you. Our journalists do not sell advertising, nor negotiate any type of commercial deals.
  • We do not write stories to help land sales, contracts or as a favor to an existing commercial client. We use our sound news judgment when deciding what stories to pursue.
  • Romania-Insider.com never submits stories, news articles for sources to vet before publication, as this would breach our independence. Please make sure you check your answers before you send them out. We may, by our own will, check back with a source to verify a quote or some information given.
  • Once you are interviewed by one of our journalists and you are on the record, what you say during the interview can go into the story we will write. We don’t accept changes to your quotes once the story has been published.
  • If we make an error, we will openly correct it.
  • We do not pay for getting information or for exclusive stories.

Romania-Insider.com journalists and editors also stand by the 10 Absolutes of Reuters Journalism:

  • Always hold accuracy sacrosanct
  • Always correct an error openly
  • Always strive for balance and freedom from bias
  • Always reveal a conflict of interest to a manager
  • Always respect privileged information
  • Always protect their sources from the authorities
  • Always guard against putting their opinion in a news story
  • Never fabricate or plagiarize
  • Never alter a still or moving image beyond the requirements of normal image enhancement
  • Never pay for a story and never accept a bribe




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