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Andrei Chirileasa

Andrei studied finance at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and started his journalism career in 2004 with Ziarul Financiar, the leading financial newspaper in Romania, where he worked for ten years, the last six of which as editor of the capital markets section. He joined the team in 2014 as editor and became Editor-in-Chief in 2016. He currently oversees the daily content published on and likes to stay up to date with everything relevant in business, politics, and life in Romania. Andrei lives with his family in the countryside in Northern Romania, where he built their own house. In his free time, he studies horticulture and tends to his family’s garden. He enjoys foraging in the woods and long walks on the hills and valleys around his village. Email him for story ideas and interviews at 


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Irina Marica
Senior Editor

Irina holds a BA in Journalism and has been part of the team since its early days in 2011. She likes to keep the readers informed every day. Irina reports on various topics, on a wide range of areas such as politics, social or entertainment. She also writes travel or leisure articles, as well as interviews. She splits her time between Sinaia, her hometown, and Bucharest. Being born and raised in a mountain town, Irina loves spending time in nature, but she also likes to read, write, listen to music, travel, teach her dog new tricks and listen to other people’s stories (so don’t hesitate to contact her for an interview if you have an interesting story that you want to share with the readers). She dreams to visit Iceland one day and maybe get to see the Arctic Monkeys play live.  You can send her press releases or feedback on her stories by emailing


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Simona Fodor
Senior Editor

Simona joined the Romania Insider team in 2015, first working on our travel guide in English and, later, writing features and interviews for She holds a BA in Romanian and English and an MA in American Studies from the University of Bucharest and started her journalism career in 2003.  Simona divides her time between her hometown Ploiești and Bucharest. While in Ploiești, she enjoys spending time with her family and taking long walks with the family dog. Going through an ever-expanding reading list and traveling, now replaced by travel literature and documentaries, are some of her favorite activities. You can get in touch with her for stories about arts, culture, and travel: 


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Ioana Moldovan
Columnist - cinema

Ioana holds an MA in English, German, and film studies in Romania and Germany. When she is not writing about cinema for she works for international film festivals and (ideally) travels a lot. Email:


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Irina Chirileasa
Marketing & Sales Executive

Irina is originally from Suceava and moved to Bucharest for her university studies. She graduated from the Romanian – American University in Bucharest with a Batchelor's degree in Marketing. A free spirit and open-minded person, Irina loves nature and outdoor sports, she is a fashion design enthusiast, electronic music lover, and always in search of persons and things that inspire her. Irina joined the team in 2012. She is currently working as a Marketing & Sales Executive for Romania Insider, mainly in charge of advertising campaigns management, media partnerships, client communication, digital marketing for Romania Insider projects and events. Get in touch with her by emailing