Fox’ Bar & Restaurant Review: Zen Sushi, 86 Calea Serban Voda

Address: Calea Serban Voda 86, Sector 4, Bucharest

Tel: 0767 232 094 / 0722 961 643.


Sushi- the Japanese word meaning ”sour”- was a dish invented in Japan in the Muromachi period around the mid 1300’s, and in those times it was made from fermented fish. The Sushi we eat today, which is internationally recognised and enjoyed, was created in the Edo period in the early 1800’s by a man called Hanaya Yohei as a fast food. I would thank him personally if he were still alive! Sushi is a personal favourite which I developed a taste for whilst living in the Far East.

After having searched high and low in Bucharest to find good Sushi and Sashimi with often disappointing results, based on quality, price and often both, I have found my Shangri-La. Zen Sushi, a small restaurant hidden in Calea Serban Voda behind Unirii Square. The place is clean, bright, with a very comprehensive menu offering a wide range of Japanese dishes, including the excellent Sushi and Sashimi made with the very freshest raw materials. The menu is very well displayed on the website so click onto to tantalize the taste buds. They offer a very good Sake – the Japanese rice wine which is best served warm and a very nice accompaniment to the food. If you fancy a bee, they have three Japanese beers available: Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo.

Zen Sushi also does takeaway, offering free home delivery anywhere in Bucharest. The delivery time is generally around one hour, so plan ahead and phone the order through before you leave the office.

Zen Sushi gets top marks in our house!

By Richard Fox, [email protected]