Bucharest City Hall gets involved in Euro 2020 preparations

The Bucharest City Hall will set up a new department that will implement the measures required by UEFA for the four football matches Bucharest will host at the Euro 2020 championship.

It will be called the Euro 2020 service, according to a document of the Bucharest’s General Council (CGMB), cited by local Profit.ro. It will employ eight people and will be directly subordinate to Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea.

The matches will take place on Bucharest’s National Arena. The Euro 2020 service will make sure that the infrastructure work is completed on time. It will also draft a marketing & PR plan to exploit the event so as to bring image benefits to the City Hall.

The Bucharest City Council has decided this summer to take over the National Arena from the Administration of Lakes, Parks and Recreation (ALPAB), aiming to refurbish and modernize the stadium this year for the Euro 2020 championship.

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