Bucharest public heating system breakdown impacts thousands of residents

Another breakdown of the Bucharest’s public heating system, operated by RADET, has left 180 blocks of flats and thousands of residents without heating and hot water. It is the fourth breakdown of RADET’s network in the past few weeks, Digi24 reported.

Many of those left without heating or hot water reside in the capital’s Districts 2 and 3. Some viewers reported that they were left without hot water since December 22. “There is heat from time to time. So this is not a new breakdown; nobody cares about us. They minded their holidays and we are left with no heating and hoping for hot water,” one viewer told Digi24.

According to RADET, ten heating distribution centers in the capital were not working at full capacity on December 27 because of damages to the network. RADET estimated that the network would be again functional by the evening of December 28. It also said that such situations could happen again throughout winter.

Today, December 28, RADET said it would stop supplying heat for almost other 60 buildings in various areas of the capital because of breakdowns.

The Save Romania Union (USR) party said that RADET was in the current situation because the company’s budget for upgrading its network was repeatedly cut over the past two years and a half. Only RON 2.6 million (EUR 557,939) were spent for investments made by RADET, while the People’s Cathedral received RON 45 million (EUR 9.65 million) and CREART, the institution of the Bucharest City Hall in charge with organizing various events, had a budget of RON 79 million (EUR 16.9 million), USR said.

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