Brand Finance: Dacia tops ranking of most valuable Romanian brands

Dacia sales

The automotive brand Dacia remains the most valuable Romanian brand, as well as the only one so far worth over EUR 1 billion, according to the Brand Finance Romania 50 2018 top published on July 12.

With an increase in international sales through the Renault network (as over 90% of local production is exported), Dacia is unlikely to be overtaken soon, according to Brand Finance. Valued at EUR 1.24 billion, slightly higher than last year, Dacia is also one of the few Romanian brands present in the global rankings, being ranked 60th in the Brand Finance Auto 100 2018 top.

The aggregate value of the 50 Romanian brands included in the top increased by 14% compared to last year’s ranking, to EUR 4.3 billion. This is twice as high as the Romanian economy’s record increase of 7% in 2017, being another proof that strong brands outperform the rest of the economy.

Most of the top 10 brands maintained their places in this year’s ranking, only local lender BCR losing two places (going down from 8th to 10th), following a decrease of 18% in brand value compared to the 2017 top. This allowed BRD and Electrica to climb one place each (BRD ranking 8th in the 2018 top, with a brand value of EUR 111 million, while Electrica ranks 9th, with a value of EUR 110 million).

Meanwhile, Digi (RCS & RDS) has strengthened its brand value with a 24% increase to EUR 186 million, as a result of revenue growth and the extensive DIGI brand implementation. The brand ranks 5th in the 2018 top, the same as last year.

On the 6th place, Banca Transilvania keeps the title of the most valuable Romanian banking brand, being valued at EUR 148 million, up 14% year-on-year. The lender is also the only Romanian bank included in the global rankings of Brand Finance Banking 500 2018.

With great potential for growth in Europe and the USA, Bitdefender remains the most valuable Romanian brand of technology, worth EUR 118 million (ranking 7th in the top).

The other brands present in the top ten are Petrom – at number 4, the same as last year, with a brand value of EUR 194 million, DIY retailer Dedeman – at number 3, with a value of EUR 303 million, and online retailer eMag – 2nd in the top, with a brand value of EUR 458 million.

In terms of industries, apart from the automotive category which only includes one brand, the retail sector (including e-commerce) continued to generate the highest brand value: EUR 1.078 billion, with a remarkable annual average growth of 33% and with each of the 11 brands on the rise.

Banking brands also outlined a strong sector in the Brand Finance Romania 50 study, generating EUR 419 million in brand value and occupying three of the top ten places. However, developments within the sector has been uneven, with Banca Transilvania and BRD recording strong growth while BCR, CEC Bank and Bancpost dropping in the rankings due to decrease in value.

New brands created by private entrepreneurs over the past 28 years occupy more than half of the ranking, generating a brand value of nearly EUR 2 billion. Meanwhile, among the old Romanian brands, the one drawing the attention is the public television TVR, which slipped to the bottom of the ranking (it now ranks 49th, down from 24th last year).

Meanwhile, two brands joined the top 50 this year, namely the pharmacy network DONA and insurance company Asirom, while Azomures and Siveco left the top.

Romanian Dacia brand value goes up

Irina Marica, [email protected]