Survey shows almost 4 in 10 Romanians live from day to day

Almost 60% of Romanians have loans while 37% have mandatory monthly expenses similar to their income, which means they live from day to day.

This data is based on a sociological research on the Romanians’ financial habits, commissioned by KRUK Romania for Debtless Day, an initiative celebrated on November 17.

The online research carried out by iSense Solutions shows that 30% of those who already have credits would like to access a new loan in the coming year.

Romanians have the highest confidence in banks when it comes to accessing loans, 83% of them saying they would resort to such institutions if they needed money. Only 14% of Romanians mentioned that they would borrow from a non-banking financial institution if a bank refused to lend them money.

About 70% of Romanians have accessed a new loan to repay a previous debt and think their situation will improve in the future. The research also shows that 45% of Romanians do not have family savings.

Romania, second highest share of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in EU

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