Romanian black-and-white film Morometii 2 is now available to watch online

Romanian black-and-white film Morometii 2, which in November recorded the best box-office debut of a Romanian movie in the last 25 years, is now available to watch online.

Thus, the Romanians living abroad or the foreigners who want to watch this movie can do it online now, at this link. The cost is EUR 10 for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the film is available in all countries except Romania and the Republic of Moldova, but the producers said it would also be made available in these two countries soon, on a similar platform.

The film, which is the sequel of the popular 1987 Romanian movie Morometii, was launched in Romanian cinemas in mid-November. It had over 70,000 spectators in local cinemas and over RON 1 million (EUR 217,000) in box-office revenues in the first week after its launch, the number of spectators increasing to over 170,000 in a month.

Morometii 2 continues the story of the family of Ilie Moromete, focusing on the youngest son Niculae. The years 1945-1946 find Ilie Moromete aged, but still in power. The tensions between him and his second wife Catrina continue while Niculae is being tested by the promises of the new world, where everything is possible. The two main characters, Ilie Moromete and his son Niculae, have opposing views of the political and social changes and are always in conflict because of this.

The movie was directed by Romanian director Stere Gulea, who also directed the first Morometii film.

Irina Marica, [email protected]

(photo source: Facebook / Morometii 2)