Bucharest in top three cities with most anti-Semitic posts on social media

Facebook fans

Bucharest ranked third in a top of cities where most anti-Semitic messages are posted on Facebook and Twitter, according to data from Israel’s Diaspora Ministry, cited by The Times of Israel.

The ministry unveiled last week the Anti-Semitism Cyber ​​Monitoring System (ACSM), a new software that tracks anti-Semitic posts on social media. It can detect how widely these posts have been shared, who is sharing them, and which cities and countries produce the most anti-Semitic content.

The new system uses the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism when scanning for content, and will monitor posts in English, Arabic, French and German on Facebook and Twitter in a first stage, according to The Times of Israel.

It detected a total of 409,000 anti-Semitic posts by 30,000 users during its one-month trial. Thus, based on this data, the “most anti-Semitic cities” are Santiago in Chile, Dnipro in Ukraine, and Romania’s capital Bucharest. Meanwhile, the cities in Western countries with the most anti-Semitic posts are Paris and London.

Irina Marica, [email protected]