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Ioana Moldovan

Ioana holds an MA in English, German, and film studies in Romania and Germany. A natural people’s person, film enthusiast, Balkans and Berlin addict, she is happy to combine these passions in any way possible. When she is not writing for she works for international film festivals and (ideally) travels a lot. Email: [email protected]

11 July 2019

The latest release you can catch in cinemas is in fact a Turkish drama co-produced with Germany and Romania’s 4 Proof...

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Volker Moser
Business Development Manager & Shareholder

Volker holds a MA in Public Policy and Management from Konstanz University. He has been living in Romania since 2007 and has co-founded City Compass, an expat services company, which partners with He is keen on exploring regional food and opportunities regarding regional development, both in Romania and on an international level. Media trends, marketing and business development opportunities have become more than a pleasant hobby for him lately. E-mail him at [email protected]

12 March 2019

An entrepreneur in Romania and Germany, Volker Moser reflects on his experiences with his ventures for over a decade in


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