Half of Romanians to spend under EUR 66 for Christmas presents this year

Half of the Romanians spend up to a total of RON 300 (EUR 66) for Christmas gifts, while another 40% spend between RON 300 and RON 750 according to a survey carried by the online platform GiftShare.

Thus, only some 10% of the Romanians can afford to spend more than RON 750 for Christmas gifts this year, local Ziarul Financiar reported.

One in ten Romanians consider the purchase of Christmas presents as a costly activity, and for almost a quarter it is a stressful, boring or even unpleasant event, therefore they would prefer to delegate to other people the purchases or to contribute with money for gifts offered collectively, indicates the data of the GiftShare survey. The good news is that the other nine in ten think shopping is fun.

Half of the Romanians say they already know what gifts they will put under the Christmas tree and have made the bulk of the shopping in advance, being committed not to exceed the planned budget. A further 42% shopped sporadically during this period, not necessarily paying attention if they exceeded the proposed amount, while 8% said they had not shopped yet.

The mall remains the preferred destination for Christmas shopping for 51.2% of respondents, while nearly a quarter prefer online stores. Another 21% buy gifts from street shops, which are easy to reach.

Romanians ready to spend a lot for Christmas season

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(photo source: Pixabay.com)