Romanian Senate passes Noise Law project

The Romanian Senate has passed a project outlining sanctions for those who produce loud noises in their homes.

The project, known as the Noise Law, introduces fines for noises of levels exceeding 35 decibels. It was put forth by the opposition party Save Romania Union (USR). It was adopted with 80 votes in favor, one against and one abstention. The project is next set to reach the Chamber of Deputies, which is the deciding body.

The noises, crying, yelling, or use of noisy devices and musical instruments between 7:00 and 14:00 and 16:00-23:00, at levels exceeding 35 decibels will be sanctioned. Likewise, exceeding the noise level of 30 decibels inside homes between 14:00-16:00 and 23:00 – 7:00 is also sanctioned.

According to the project, the police agents will be tasked with measuring the noise levels with the help of a sound level meter. The noise level is to be measured inside the home of the affected party.

The police agents can issue fines of up to RON 1,500 (EUR 323), and more in the case of repeated offenses. When the noise levels cannot be determined because of the measuring procedure or noise characteristic, the agents will establish if the noise constitutes a contravention based “on their own senses.”

The government issued a negative opinion on the project, arguing that the sound level calculating method is “inappropriate,” given that when the Police shows up the noisy activities usually stop.

Besides the police agents, the mayor and his delegates, military officers and deputy officers of the Gendarmerie, and the agents of the Border Police can also establish whether noise contraventions take place.

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