Famous rapper Snoop Dog promises to visit Romania after funny Instagram check-in mix-up

Famous American rapper Snoop Dogg promised his fans in Romania that he would come to the country, after a funny mix-up a few days ago when he accidentally checked in a small Romanian village on Instagram.

Snoop was recently in Colombia’s capital Bogota but instead checked in a small village called Bogata (which would translate as The Rich Woman), which is located in Mures county, in central Romania.

His Instagram post got almost 43,000 likes and thousands of comments, mostly from Romanians, some making fun of the famous rapper, others inviting him to come and visit Romania for real.

A creative agency even launched a website in English called visitbogata.com, inviting foreigners to come and visit the peaceful Transylvanian village.

Snoop Dogg answered his Romanian fans in a Facebook and Instagram post on Saturday: “i just steve harveyed my own chit hahahhaha! shoutout to my romanian fans, tha boss dogg comn thru real soon !!! ‪#‎visitbogata,” he wrote. His post got some 78,000 likes on Facebook and another 43,000 on Instagram.

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