World Class invests EUR 2 mln in new fitness center in Cluj-Napoca

World Class, the biggest wellness and fitness network in Romania, will invest EUR 2 million in setting up a new club in Cluj-Napoca.

The club, which will be called World Class Record Park, will open in the second half of next year. It will be located in a free standing building with a surface of 2,500 sqm.

The club will have a retractable pool serving as an indoor and outdoor one and will be surrounded by 3,000 sqm of green spaces.

“I am glad to announce this opportunity to expand and develop World Class health and fitness chain with our 4th club in Cluj-Napoca and 32nd in Romania. As the second largest city in Romania, Cluj-Napoca has a strong corporate community and has experienced a noteworthy development in recent years. That is why we wanted to be part of this development by opening this premium location in a unique urban environment,” said Kent Orrgren, CEO World Class Romania.

World Class invests EUR 1 mln in new Bucharest fitness center

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