videoRomanian civic groups buy ad space at Geneva Airport to run video of August 10 incidents

The Declic and Rezist Zurich civic groups bought advertising space at the Geneva Airport to run video recordings of the August 10 violent incidents in Bucharest, reported.

The video also contains a message for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, asking her to take a position against abuses in Romania. Bachelet has her office in Geneva.

“We are not well / +100.000 peaceful citizens gassed and beaten-up in Romania / UN: Take a strong stand against human rights abuses in Romania,” is the message included in the video.

A protest of the Romanians abroad that took place on August 10 in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square ended with a brutal intervention of the gendarmes, who sprayed tear gas against the crowd and forced the protesters out of the square to counter several violent hooligans.

Reports of peaceful protesters, journalists and foreign tourists beaten by the gendarmes for no reason became viral and prompted an official investigation into the incidents.

Several hundred people filed criminal complaints against the gendarmes while government officials failed to explained who issued the order and why such a brutal intervention was needed.

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(Photo: print screen of Declic video)

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