Romanian lender Banca Transilvania launches robot “Livia” for client communication

Banca Transilvania, the second largest local bank by assets, has introduced the robot “Livia” to communicate with customers on Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Customers will be able to find out information about their bank accounts or the services offered by Banca Transilvania.

The robot provides non-stop information that could previously be obtained from the call center employees. People will be able to ask for their IBAN and the current account balance, details about interest rates, commissions on loans or withdrawals. Customers need to like Livia’s page on Facebook or add the robot in their contacts’ list on Skype.

Bots have been used abroad for talks with customers for several years now. This allows banks to reduce the number of call-center employees.

Banca Transilvania has 2.2 million customers in Romania.

Life insurer Metropolitan Life was the first financial institution in Romania that launched an artificial intelligence bot to communicate with clients, in March this year.

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