How often do Romanian employees change jobs?


Romanian employees spend, on average, four years in the same job after which they choose to make a career change, according to a study by online recruiting platform eJobs.

Employees over 50 are more stable as they stay in the same company for an average of 13 years. Meanwhile, young employees born after 1980 (Millennials and Generation Z) leave their job after 2.7 years, on average. The younger the employees, the more often they change jobs.

Those who have entered the labor market in the last five years start looking for other jobs after just one year in a company, even for less money.

“Young people are mainly looking to accumulate experience and are not afraid of changes and adapting to something new as older generations,” said Bogdan Badea, general manager eJobs Romania.

Generation X employees, who are now between 38 and 48, are more stable. They spend on average 4.2 years in the same job and when deciding to leave they look for a good financial offer, stability, management positions, good employer reputation, distance to job.

“They are less willing to make concessions and, thus, more stable,” Badea said.

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