Palestine recall ambassador from Romania

The Palestinian Authority has recalled its ambassadors from the four European Union countries that sent their representatives to the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, namely Romania, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic.

Palestinian ambassador to Romania Fuad Kokaly was recalled to Ramallah and left the country on Wednesday evening, May 16.

US president Donald Trump’s decision to move his country’s embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has angered the Palestinians who see this as a denial of their claim on East Jerusalem, which they want as capital for their state. The opening of the US embassy determined a blood bath in the Gaza Strip, where tens of thousands of Palestinians protested against this decision and about 60 of them were killed by Israeli soldiers.

Romania was one of the first countries in EU to announce that it was also pondering moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Ruling party leader Liviu Dragnea made this announcement in April, despite a reserved position from President Klaus Iohannis on this matter.

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