Game on: 2018 sport events in Romania

The beginning of the year usually comes with a resolution to be more active or take one’s athletic skills to a new level. Here is a selection of sport events to cater to all seasons and various abilities, from skiing and snowboarding, to biking and running.

Păltiniș Sleigh Race

January 6

Arena Platos, Păltiniș, Sibiu

This sleigh competition is open to four age groups, three of them under 18. Registrations and details here.

Ski & Snowboard X-Cross

January 13

Arena Platos, Păltiniș, Sibiu

This is a ski and snowboard competition with obstacles. More details and registrations here.

MTB Winter 4 x Cross

January 14

Arena Platos, Păltiniș, Sibiu

A bike ride on snow? This is what this race is about. More details here.

Gerar Half Marathon

January 27

Bucharest Polytechnics Campus, Bucharest

This race has two sections: the 10.8 km ELTH cross and the 21 km semi-marathon. Registrations can be made here.

Hell of the East

February 18


This 21 km bike race takes participants to several Dobrogea landmarks, including the Dobrogea Gorges, the Bats Cave and the Sf. Casian Monastery. Further details here. Registrations here.

Red Bull Oslea Hiride

February 23

Oslea Massif, Hunedoara

This freeride ski and snowboard competition is open to both professionals and amateurs. Participants climb from an altitude of 1,300 up to 1,940, and then descend 1.4 km on a 45 degree inclination slope. Further details and registrations here.

Vladeasa Winter Trail

February 24,25

Vladeasa Massif, Cluj

This ski and mountain running race will add this year a ski competition for children. Registrations can be made here.

Bucegi Winter Race

March 10

Padina, Bucegi Mountains

The ski competition covers a length of approximately 21 km and 1,600 meters level difference. It has a section for men and one for women. More details and registrations here.

Postavaru Night


Poiana Brașov, Brașov

This is a night-time ski mountaineering and mountain running race. The dates for the race and the registration are updated here.

The Sand Marathon (Maratonul Nisipului)

March 25

Mamaia, Constanța

This endurance race run takes place on shore sand. It includes a marathon, a half marathon, a 10 km race, a 5 km race and a 1 km family run. Registrations can be made here.

Brașov Half Marathon

March 31

Brașov, Brașov

This mountain running race starts and ends in Brașov’s historical center. A novelty this year are the trainings for the race, organized every Sunday at Pietrele lui Solomon (Solomon’s Rocks), in the city’s Șchei neighborhood. Registrations open on January 15 here.

Bucharest 10K&Family Run

April 1


This is the baby brother of the Bucharest Marathon and Bucharest Half Marathon. It includes a 10 K race, a relay race, a 3 km family race, and dedicated races for children, teenagers, and babies. More details and registrations here.

Cluj Marathon

April 15

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

This race includes a 42 km marathon, a 21 km half-marathon, a 10K, a relay, a popular 5 km cross, and a kids race. Registrations are open here.

Brașov International Marathon

May 20

Brașov, Brașov

This competition covers a 42 km marathon, a 21 km semi-marathon, a 10 km short race, a 5.7 km very short race, a 4X10.7 km team run, and a children’s race. You can check the maps of the races here, and register here.

Iași Half Marathon

April 22

The event includes an individual semi-marathon, a 10 km cross, a popular race and a children’s race. Registrations can be made here.

Ecomarathon Moeiciu de Sus

May 5

Moieciu de Sus, Brașov

This mountain running race takes participants through the beautiful hills and valleys of the Moieciu area. Registrations open January 15 here.

Bucharest Half-Marathon

May 12,13


The event covers a 21 km half-marathon, a 10.5 km individual race, a relay race, a 3 km popular race, a teens race and a kids race. Disabled athletes can register for the wheelchairs/hand-bikes category in any of the other races. Registrations can be made here.

Transylvania 100

May 19

Bran, Brașov

This race takes runners through forest trails, mountain plateaus and ridges starting from the Bran castle and back to it. Registrations can be made here.

Hot Air Balloons Festival

May 18 – 20

Războieni, Ion Neculce, Iași

This event doesn’t challenge the participants’ athletic abilities as each balloon is flown by a pilot but it can definitely be a fun pastime. More details here.

Bike4 Mountains

June 6 – 9

Cheile Grădiștei – Fundata, Brașov

This mountain bike race takes place in four mountains (Iezer-Papusa, Leaota, Piatra Craiului and Bucegi) throughout four days. More details and registrations here.

X-Man Romania Triathlon

June 8,9


The competition has two race formats – Long Distance and Half Distance – and is open to amateur and professional athletes alike. Registrations are open here.

Timiș Bike Fest 2018

June 9,10


The race includes a 52.6 km bike marathon, a 36 km bike semi-marathon, and races for children, and running races on the Timiș meadows. Further info here.

DHL Marathon

June 16

Cheile Grădiștei – Fundata, Brașov

This year brings a new location and new tracks for the race which takes place in the beautiful setting of Brașov county. Registrations will open here.

Retezat SkyRace

June 16

Cheile Butii, Hunedoara

This sky-running event takes athletes on mountain tracks at the Butii gorges, in Retezat mountains. Registrations will open here.

Bate Toaca Marathon

June 30

Durău, Neamț

The tracks of the event, which includes a 16 km vertical race and a marathon, go through mountain trails in the Ceahlau mountains. Registrations for the event will open here.

Carpathian MTB Epic

August 16 – 19

Central Carpathians

Stunning scenery and over 157 km of riding and 5,750 meters of climbing are the promises of this race. More details here.

Via Maria Theresia Marathon

August 25

Colibița, Bistrița-Năsăud

Via Maria Theresia (the road of Maria Theresia) links the Călimani and Rodnei mountains and is the setting for this competition. Registrations will open here.

Endurance Triathlon Beliş

August 25

Beliş, Cluj

A triathlon and a half ironman taking place in the Beliş lake area. Further details here.

Transfier Triathlon

September 8


Swimming in Vidraru lake, cycling on the Transfăgărășan and running by the lake are part of this triathlon challenge. More details will be updated here.


September 16


This race takes place on Romania’s high altitude road Transfăgărășan, and supports several charities. More details here.

Bucharest Marathon

October 14


This is the biggest running event in Romania. A marathon, a half-marathon, a relay marathon, a 3.6 km popular race, a teens and a children race await sports fans. Disabled athletes can register for a wheelchair race. Registrations can be made here.

Băneasa Winter Trail Run

December 9

Băneasa forest, Bucharest

A cross and a half-marathon going through Băneasa forest. Registrations will open here.

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