photoRomania’s President gives cold welcome to new cabinet: You have to fulfill complicated promises

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis welcomed the members of the new Government led by Sorin Grindeanu in a glacial manner and warned them of their big responsibility while also informing them of what he and the Romanians expected from the cabinet.

“Starting now, you are Romania’s Government. You have a difficult mission. You have to fulfill complicated promises, to deliver what was promised in the electoral campaign,” Iohannis began his speech, after watching the 27 ministers take their oath to do their best for the “moral and spiritual blossoming” of the Romanian people and to respect the country’s laws.

“I hope that one day you will be able to explain to me how you plan to stay within a 3% budget deficit while increasing salaries and cutting taxes. I wish you achieve all these things. Romanians wish to have a successful Government,” Iohannis added.

He went on by stating his expectations from the new cabinet: “I expect you to maintain Romania’s clear Euro-Atlantic orientation. I and many others also expect to do everything you can to support an independent justice in Romania, which means strengthening the rule of law. We can’t imagine a European democracy without the rule of law.”

The President also asked the ministers to manage Romania’s economy and finances responsibly and maintain the economic growth. He also expects the new cabinet to take care of Romania’s national security and consolidate the country’s position as a stability hub in the region.

At the end of his speech, Iohannis also launched a stinging remark to one of his other “guests”, Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, believed to be the shadow coordinator of the new cabinet.

“Mr. Dragnea, we have found out from the TV that you are the only one who knows the governing program from cover to cover. Please, teach them as well!”

After finishing his speech, the President took a photo with the new cabinet members but didn’t offer them the traditional champagne.

The new Government led by Sorin Grindeanu was voted by the Parliament yesterday afternoon. After being sworn in, the ministers had their first meeting at the Government’s headquarters in Victoriei Square.

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