Pfizer opens regional logistic support hub in Bucharest

Pfizer Romania, the local division of U.S. pharmaceutical group Pfizer, will open a regional logistic support hub in Bucharest, the only one of this kind in Europe.

The new center, which is called Above Market Planning (AMP) Hub will ensure a quicker and more direct communication between Pfizer’s commercial teams in Europe and the group’s factories worldwide. It will help improve the group’s supply chain in Europe by maintaining an optimum inventory.

In the first development phase, the center will have a team of some 40 specialists, responsible for planning, supplying, and managing Pfizer’s drug inventories in Europe.

“We are happy to see that, by choosing Romania as a base for its unique logistic support hub in Europe, Pfizer remains dedicated to a healthy, long-term development of its operations on the local market,” said Mirela Iordan, country manager Pfizer Romania.

The well-trained workforce has tilted the balance in Bucharest’s favor, according to Iordan.

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