(P) Flavours – new culinary adventure at the American International School of Bucharest (AISB)

We are what we eat” is a simple saying, but lays at the heart of the shift that the American International School of Bucharest is making. Recognizing the fact that a healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise improves not just academic achievement but students’ view of the world, AISB is partnering with Flavours to offer students and staff a nutritious and relaxing food experience. As Dr. Robert Brindley, AISB Director points out, Flavours „understand the school’s philosophy and have the capacity to implement the aspirations AISB has with regards to a healthy, practical and nutritious diet.”

Florin Scripca (Chef Foa), Executive Chef Flavours Food Design, answered a few questions about this joint venture.

  1. What / Who is Flavours?

Flavours started in 2002 with the catering division and a wish to create a unique experience for our clients. At present we operate three business divisions which are inter-connected: catering, restaurant operating and food court operator, dealing with 12 kitchens in total, with two more locations to be open until the end of the year.

  1. Is AISB the only school cafeteria that Flavours is catering for? Why are you interested in this project?

First and foremost because the AISB location is not a cafeteria. Flavours is not aiming to operate a cafeteria but to create a new concept, in the benefit of its clients. It is true that we have taken on locations that were former cafeterias – one good example is Stradale in Bucharest Business Park – what is created is a lunch restaurant which has accessible prices, right quality, in a relaxing atmosphere. This is what we are getting ready to start in the American School focusing on a younger group of audience though.

  1. What will be special in the AISB cafeteria?

We aim to daily send a message about healthy eating habits, directing the students and staff towards menus that are balanced nutritionally and to open their eyes to new tastes. With these principles in mind, we have adapted the „Stradale Concept” and created „Stradale Carnivale”, a dynamic, flexible design, offering tasty and healthy food.


  1. It is quite difficult to motivate young people and children to eat healthy food. In a country where the level of obesity is on the rise due to the high intake of fast-food, how is Flavours going to change the eating habits of a group of youngsters belonging to such a varied community?

We see this project as a great opportunity, an opportunity for us to get involved in educating healthy living habits from a young age, through discovery of the world of tastes and aromas, allowing lunch to become a relaxing learning moment.

  1. What are the challenges that you anticipate?

We are very open to feedback from our clients, to hearing about their needs, and, even though we do our homework before embarking on a new project, we always do some “fine tuning” in the first months. The challenge is always having happy customers all the while respecting the Flavours principles, focusing on the quality of the ingredients and the food design.

Healthy students are better learners, and encouraging their students to be better life-long learners is part of the AISB mission – to engage, prepare and inspire.

(p) – this articles is an advertorial

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