EC says Austria indexing child benefits is discriminatory

The European Commission (EC) responded on Monday, January 7, to Austria’s decision of adjusting child allowances for the non-resident children of foreigners working in the country, stating in brief that such a move is discriminatory.

Workers contributing to the national social system are supposed to receive the same benefits regardless of their nationality, the EC explained, according to local

“The Commission has taken note of the adoption of the law on child benefit indexing in Austria and analyses the legislation from the point of view of compatibility with EU law,” said European Social Affairs spokesperson Sara Soumillion.

“Indexing family benefits is not allowed under European law. It is also a matter of discrimination […],” the European executive said in a statement, an answer for

Juliane Bogner-Strauss, the Austrian minister for family, rejected Romania’s criticism of the indexation of immigrant child benefits.

“Indexing brings more fairness. All parents receive the same amount, adjusted for the standard of living [in respective countries where the children live]”, she explained.

Austria decided to adjust the child benefits for non-resident children whose parents work in Austria, by an index reflecting the average prices in the countries of origin.

Romania objects to Austria alleged discriminatory child benefits regime

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