The least secure areas in Bucharest according to Bucharesters

The opinions of Bucharest inhabitants about the Romanian capital have helped sociologists create a map of the safest and least secure areas in the city. However, the specialists say residents tend to put labels on certain areas, even if their opinions don’t always reflect the reality.

The study “Bucharest. A mental geography” by Cristian Ciobanu revealed that the least secure areas in Bucharest, according to the city’s residents, are Pantelimon, Rahova and Ferentari, local Digi24 reported. At the opposite end, the safest areas are Primăverii, Cotroceni, Aviaţiei and Băneasa.

“The most “frightening” neighborhoods are the poorest, although the number of crimes is much lower than in Primăverii, 1 Mai or Aviaţiei, for the simple reason that crimes happen where the money is. But the collective mind comes and treats social areas with social labels depending on the social category that lives there or who is perceived as living there,” sociologist Gelu Duminică said.

Most of the opinions gathered from Bucharesters were negative. Over 60% of them consider the city to be very crowded, one third say it is very polluted and 20% see the city very dirty.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]