Bucharest City Hall wants no more dirt streets without utilities

Bucharest’s General Council approved on Thursday, August 23, a program to pave and bring utilities to about 270 streets in Bucharest that currently don’t have such amenities.

The program will complement a program managed and financed by local water and sewage provider Apa Nova, aimed at bringing running water and sewage to these streets, local Hotnews.ro reported. The district city halls also have investment plans for some of these streets. The Bucharest City Hall will provide financing for the rest.

“I know it’s hard to believe that in the capital there are still 270 unpaved streets without utilities,” said mayor Gabriela Firea, adding that the program will start immediately.

The Bucharest General Council also approved on Thursday a RON 72 million (EUR 15.5 million) financing for a food bank and social canteen with about 200 seats. Another adopted project aims to build homes for elderly people in all six of Bucharest’s districts.

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