Audience of over 100,000 for high wire show at Sibiu International Theater Festival

An audience of over 100,000 attended the high wire show delivered by German company Geschwister Weisheit for three nights at the Sibiu International Theater Festival (FITS), Agerpres reported.

A team of 13 acrobats of three different generations used ropes, bicycles and motorcycles in a performance held at above ground, in Sibiu’s Piata Mare. The acrobats, who were awarded at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, rode three motorcycles on three cables at 40 meters above grounds, at speeds of 50 – 70 km per hour. They ended the show by forming a human pyramid on two motorcycles on wire.

The Sibiu International Theater Festival opened on June 9 and will be on until June 18.  Some 3,200 artists and guests are coming to the central Romania city, with a selection of over 500 performances and events, produced in 70 countries from all over the world.

Geschwister Weisheit is not the only circus company present at the event. The Sibiu festival will dedicate this year four days to one of the greatest circus artists in the world, David Dimitri. He will feature in Circus Man, a contemporary circus show created and performed by a single artist.

Sibiu International Theater Festival opens with host of international guests

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(Photo by Dragoș Dumitru. Photo source: FITS Facebook Page)


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