EUR 4.3 million available for cultural programs in Romania

The Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN) will allot RON 20 million (EUR 4.3 million) in the first session in 2019 to multi-annual cultural programs and to the 12 areas where projects can be submitted.

As such, RON 3 million (EUR 645,161) are available for multi-annual programs and RON 17 million (EUR 3.6 million) for the 12 areas where projects can be submitted.

The financing session will be launched on September 1 and projects can be submitted by the end of the same month.

The areas for projects cover digital art and new media, creative residences, visual arts, performance arts, education through culture, and promotion of written culture, among others.

In order to be eligible, the submitted projects need to co-finance 10% from the project’s budget. More about it here.

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