Romania’s Romsilva gets international forest management certification

The Romanian forest management company Romsilva has received again an international forest management certification for three quarters of the forests it administers, the company announced.

The certification applies to 74.64% of the state-owned forests that Romsilva administers, or 2.34 million hectares of forests.

The certification in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) international system was done by the Soil Association Certification in the UK, a certification body designated by the FSC.

The 2.34 million hectares of state-owned forest that Romsilva administers are grouped into six certificates of forest management, with a validity of five years.

The certification validates that the forests are managed in a sustainable way and “offers clients and end consumers the safety that the wood or wood products have a known origin, from forests managed sustainably, according to the most strict legal and forest norms,” Romsilva said.

At the same time, Romsilva started the process of getting the forest certification for another 127,493 hectares of forests. If it receives this, 78.69% of the state-owned forests it administers will be certified to international standards.

Romsilva currently manages 3.14 million hectares of forests that are owned by the state, and 22 national and nature parks with a surface of approximately 850,000 hectares.

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