Romania has lowest food prices in EU

The prices of consumer goods and services in Romania were the second-lowest in the European Union (EU) in 2017, standing at 52% of the EU average. Only Bulgaria had lower prices, at 48% of the EU average, according to data released by the European statistical office Eurostat.

At the other end, Denmark had the highest prices for consumer goods and services, at 142% of the EU average. Denmark also had the highest food prices in the EU, 50% higher than the EU average, while Romania had the lowest food prices, 38% lower than the EU average. Poland also had some of the lowest food prices in EU, 35% cheaper than the EU average.

Romania also had low prices for alcohol and tobacco (69% of the EU average), restaurant meals and hotel accommodation (53% of the EU average), and personal transport equipment (83% of the EU average). The prices of clothing and consumer electronics in Romania were also under the EU average, but the price differences on these two segments were not that high on these segments.

Competition Council head: Food prices in Romania, 40% lower than in EU

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