Romanian investor wants to develop artificial intelligence business

Romanian investor Liviu Dragan, the founder of software group Total Soft, which he sold in 2016, has signed a partnership with several other Romanian entrepreneurs to launch an artificial intelligence platform.

The new company, called Druid, has an initial budget of EUR 1.5 million to start developing virtual assistants help business managers in the decision-making process, local reported.

Dragan aims to reach a turnover of EUR 10 million within three years. His associates in Druid include Radu Enache, the owner of the Continental hotel group, Eugen Banciu, the founder of pharmaceutical distributor Farmexpert and of the Dona drug store chain, and Anca Vlad, the owner of the Catena drug store chain. The company’s manager will be Dragos Metea, former Outsourcing Managing Director of Total Soft.

The first version of the Druid platform will have virtual assistants capable of executing over 200 tasks for client support, sales, technical and HR activities.

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