Top trending industries for employment & fresh jobs in Romania

Following the global trend, Romanian companies are currently facing a shortage of specialists in almost all economic areas. Here are the industries currently hiring in Romania. 

Both Romanian and foreign investors say they have difficulties in finding the right people for the positions they need to fill, and the competition gets tighter every year. New hiring announcements for jobs in Romania are published daily on recruitment sites, for almost all areas of the economy.

Nearly three quarters of managers in Romanian companies believe the star of the labor market in 2018 will be the IT industry, which will continue to generate the biggest number of new jobs, according to the TrainYourBrain & Frames Barometer, based on the responses of 150 business people and HR experts from the largest companies in Romania. Retail, constructions and real estate, automotive industry and financial services are next in the ranking.

In recent years, the IT Industry has been the leading employer in Romania. Whether we are talking about software and hardware companies, applications developers or maintenance and support services, system engineers, programmers, either senior or junior are in great demand in Romania.

In addition to the IT industry, the retail sector also continues to grow in 2018, with one of the highest demand for new employees. Following the massive expansion of both traditional retail and e-commerce, the big retail chains in Romania will continue to hire. Big companies such as Lidl, Penny, Kaufland, Mega Image, or IKEA (which will open the second store in Bucharest later this year) have a lot of open positions on recruiting sites, both for entry-level, as well as for store managers or administrators.

The online giant Amazon has also started recruiting last year in Bucharest and continues to hire for the new office to open in the capital of Romania. The retailer is hiring for the development centers in Iasi and Bucharest, and most of the jobs are for software engineers.

Many companies currently hiring in Romania are looking for staff which can speak multiple foreign languages, sometimes even natives other than Romanians, which places Romania high on the map for relocations.

The automotive industry has a tradition in Romania and it is an industry that hires constantly. Whether we are talking about the two car makers building cars in Romania – Dacia Renault and Ford, or about car component manufacturers, most of the companies in this industry are recruiting this year. The jobs are mainly for IT specialists, as well as for engineers and designers.

Innovation in the car industry is at its peak and will continue upwards, as electric cars are in great demand, and driver-less cars and the Internet of Things are changing everything. Those who want a career in this industry have a varied offer, as many technology developers for the cars of the future are opening offices in Romania.

Other areas with great opportunities for hiring are constructions and real estate. Companies in Romania are building massively both homes and offices, so the industry needs specialists, from engineers and architects to site workers. At the same time, real estate agents will be in great demand this year.

The financial and banking sector too has great opportunities for hiring this year, with the number of recruitment ads rising by over 50%, according to job sites. Employers look for accountants, economists, business executives or financial analysts. Banks also need managers for agencies, auditors, credit analysts, risk control specialists, or debt collection officers.

Bucharest remains the leader, when talking about the number of vacancies, in all the industries listed above. The second city in Romania with high activity in terms of employment is Cluj-Napoca, followed closely by Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi or Sibiu. Not only the big cities are on the map of the big employers in Romania, but also second-tier cities such as Arad, Oradea, Ploiesti or Targu Mures, where companies started to invest and need more employees.

The Romanian labor market is dynamic and challenging, both for employers and for the candidates looking for a job in a big company.

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