Romanian Govt. rejects bill granting more privileges to King Michael’s heirs

The Government has given a negative opinion on the draft law that regulates the legal status of the Royal House. Among others, the bill stipulates that the Royal House of Romania can continue to use the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest.

The bill on the status of the Royal House was initiated by Senate president Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Chamber of Deputies speaker Liviu Dragnea.

The government’s opinion is a consultative one, and the Parliament will decide on the subject.

Prime minister Mihai Tudose said the Royal House was willing to pay “any rent” but asked for a grace period of one year.

“Meaning, we [e.n. the Royal House] stay here for free for one year and then we will see. This doesn’t work! The Justice Ministry has given a negative opinion on this using the unconstitutionality criterion,” Tudose said at a local TV station, quoted by

The PM said at the end of last year that he disagrees with the draft project on the status of the Royal House.

The bill on the status of the Royal House of Romania recognizes it as a public utility legal entity. The bill also provides that the heirs of King Michael, who passed away on December 5 last year, will have the same status as former heads of state. It also stipulates that the Royal House would be able to use for free the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest as its headquarters.

Princess Margareta, King Michael’s oldest daughter, is the head of the Royal House of Romania and the Custodian of the Crown after her father’s death.

Prime minister Tudose said he can refer to King Michael as king since he was a king and had a kingdom but Romania is currently a republic and the crowning ceremonial no longer exists.

“Today we are a republic. I don’t know who the queen is… This is a republic. We can proclaim ourselves anything. Maybe I am very wrong. There is no crowning ceremonial any longer. Crowning of whom? You don’t have that toy anymore,” Tudose said.

At the same time, the PM argued that the royal family asked back for anything it could ask. He also said there is no reason to grant the Royal House’s foundation a national interest status since other similar NGOs exist.

The Elisabeta Palace was built in 1936 for Princess Elisabeta, the daughter of King Ferdinand I and of Queen Marie, and an aunt of King Michael. The palace was the official residence of Princess Elisabeta until 1944, when it became the official residence of King Michael, until his abdication at the end of 1947.

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