Deadly avalanches on Romania’s National Day

Two avalanches took place on Friday, December 1, on Romania’s National Day. A man lost his life in one of them while two men were missing in the second one, according to local Mediafax reports.

The first avalanche took place on Carja Peak in Parang Mountains, in central Romania. Three men were caught in this avalanche, but two of them managed to escape. One of them however, was found dead. The three men had been warned by the mountain guard that they should not to climb the mountain due to avalanche risk.

The second avalanche took place around 2PM in the Calimani Mountains in Northern Romania. Three mountain rescuers from Vatra Dornei wanted to take the Romanian flag on Pietrosu Peak on the National Day. They were caught in the avalanche. One of them managed to get out of the snow around 5PM and alerted the authorities. A rescue mission was organized to find the other two missing mountaineers.

Two Romanian teenage mountain climbers, both record holders, die during avalanche

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