Romanian car maker Dacia’s turnover accelerates in 2017

Dacia, the biggest Romanian car maker, which is part of French group Renault, increased its turnover by 11.45% in 2017, to EUR 5.1 billion.

The company’s exports went up by 10% and represented 92.6% of the total sales, according Liviu Bocsaru, Dacia’s financial and administrative director.

“This evolution shows that Dacia cars are very appreciated in Europe and on other continents. Export is a priority for us because we want to answer our clients’ demands as well as possible,” Bocsaru said.

The company’s gross profit also went up by 9% compared to 2016, reaching EUR 120.5 million. The total investments Renault made at Dacia from 2000 until the end of 2017 reached EUR 2.3 billion.

Over 655,000 new cars under the Dacia brand sold worldwide in 2017, a new record. However, less than half of them were produced at the Dacia plant in Romania, namely 312,000 units, while the others were assembled at other Renault factories. Although the number of cars Dacia produced in Romania was lower in 2017 than in 2016, the company’s turnover increased because it produced more Dacia Duster units, the company’s popular SUV model, which is also more expensive than its other models.

Romanian carmaker Dacia’s sales up in Germany, UK

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