Romania’s ruling party leader dismisses media allegations: “It all comes from Soros”

Romania ruling party leader Liviu Dragnea has dismissed claims from a recent anti-corruption investigation against him following a media investigation by Rise Project.

He said he did not have any businesses in Brazil and has never transferred money to that country, as alleged in the investigation. Dragnea further claimed it all came from George Soros, who, in his opinion, “is a malefic character.”

Liviu Dragnea, leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), added that everything can be found in his wealth statement, suggesting he had nothing to hide.

He also dismissed a recent report allegedly coming from the General Direction of Internal Protection (DGPI), and published by Rise Project, which detailed a local white crime network in the county of Teleorman, which involved Dragnea and his construction company, Tel Drum.

„These are just papers full of lies. It is not a report, nobody signs it, stamps it,” said Dragnea at local TV station Romania TV. Most of the allegations in the document have been investigated, and for many of them, authorities have decided not to prosecute, added the PSD leader.

Furthermore, he claims the recent Anticorruption (DNA) investigation into these allegations do not involve him at all. „I have read the DNA release, my name is not there. [….] It cannot be about me, I don’t have any businesses in Brazil, nor elsewhere and I have not committed any crime, neither there, nor here,” added Dragnea.

“It all starts from George Soros, this malefic character, to whom I say: I will not surrender!” the ruling party leader continued.

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