What kind of benefits do Romanian employees ask from their employers?

Almost one in four Romanian employees consider that lunch should be included in their benefits package when getting a job, according to a survey by Frames Media Network.

This shows a change of perception among local employees, who used to be mainly interested in flexible schedule or spending less time on the way to work.

“Getting a healthy meal at lunch has become a priority for many employees, especially for those over 30. Meanwhile, in many office areas, the offer is still insufficient. There are many fast-foods and too few units that offer normal, healthy food,” said Andrei Negrescu, project manager Frames.

He explained that this phenomenon should be correlated with the higher interest Romanian employees have for health insurance, subscriptions to private medical clinics and to fitness clubs.

Most respondents (71%) still consider salary to be the most important benefit, followed by the employer’s solidity (43%), schedule (41%), health insurance or subscription (37%), free transport (28%), lunch (24%) and company car (18%).

The survey was carried out between September 1 and September 10 on a sample of 500 respondents.

Employee benefits in Romania amount to over EUR 1.3 bln

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(photo source: Pixabay.com)