Kaufland and Lidl Romania announce strategy to reduce plastic use

Discount networks Kaufland and Lidl, which are part of German group Schwarz, will take actions against plastic use aiming to reduce the quantity of plastic waste, as part of their sustainability strategy.

Kaufland Romania, the biggest retailer in the country, aims to reduce plastic consumption by at least 20% by 2025 and will provide 100% recyclable packaging for all of its private label products. The company will also remove some plastic products from its offer, including plastic ear sticks, straws and tableware sold under its own brands.

Supermarket chain Lidl announced similar measures and will stop selling disposable plastic glasses, plates, spoons and forks by the end of this year.

Kaufland and Lidl had a combined turnover of over EUR 3.5 billion in Romania in 2017.

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(photo source: Pixabay)