Dacia car plant in Romania reaches 50 years of activity

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The Dacia car plant in Mioveni, Romania, celebrated 50 years since producing the first Dacia car on Monday, August 20.

The factory produced more than 6 million cars in its 50 years of existence.

The factory was inaugurated on August 20, 1968. The first car produced there was named Dacia 1100, which was produced under the license of Renault R8. One year later, the factory started producing the Dacia 1300, which was its flagship model for about three decades.

In the first year of operations, Dacia produced little over 2,000 cars. French group Renault bought the factory from the Romanian state in 1999. The factory now produces about 350,000 cars per year, 90% of which are exported.

Dacia is currently the biggest company in Romania, with a yearly turnover of over EUR 5 billion. Some 14,000 employees work at the Mioveni industrial platform.

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