Landmarks of Romania’s 1918 Union can be explored virtually with Google Street View

New images in Google’s Street View represent landmark buildings in Alba Iulia connected to Romania’s 1918 Union.

The National Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia can now be explored virtually with the help of the Street View images of its interiors, while the Reunification Cathedral in Alba Iulia can also be visited virtually.

The Museum of the Union was inaugurated on May 20, 1928 and hosts important items connected to the 1848 Revolution and the Great Union of 1918. Among them are the letters of Avram Iancu, one of the leaders of the 1848 Revolution; six volumes of documents of the 1918 Union; a manuscript of the speech Vasile Goldiș held at the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia; and the desk where the declaration of independence of the Romanians in Transylvania, Banat, Crişana and Maramureş was signed on October 12, 1918. The museum can be explored here.

The Reunification Cathedral was built for the October 1922 coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie as monarchs of the Great Romania, enlarged after the 1918 Union. It can be explored here.

At the same time, Google has published a Google Earth collection dedicated to Romania. The collection, titled Discover Romania, is dedicated to the country’s natural wonders and historical monuments. One gallery is dedicated to beautiful landscapes, such as the Danube Delta, the Bigar Waterfall or the Muddy Volcanoes. Another includes man-made landmarks, such as Bran Castle, Peleș Castle or the Merry Cemetery of Săpânța. A third covers important monuments of Romania’s history, such as the Union Hall in Alba Iulia, the Victoriei Square in Timișoara, or the Sarmizegetusa Fortress.

The Discover Romania collection can be seen here.

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