Romanian ministers could withdraw their resignations to support interim

The ministers of the Grindeanu Government might withdraw their resignations to ensure the Government is functional until a new cabinet is installed, said the resigning labor minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu on Wednesday evening, reports local

The cabinet was overthrown yesterday by the governing party via a no-confidence motion vote in the Parliament.

Previously, most of the ministers, except the Prime Minister and the Communications Minister, had resigned, after losing the ruling party support.

“I’ve delegated my duties to a state secretary, but my other colleagues have not been able to delegate them,” she added.

Vasilescu gave the example of the Regional Development Ministry, which has been completely destructured these days. Following the resignation of minister Sevil Shhaideh, all state secretaries were also laid off.

Vasilescu added that the ministers’ resignations are not yet official as President Klaus Iohannis hasn’t signed them yet. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu sent the President last Friday the resignations of interior minister Carmen Dan and regional development minister Sevil Shhaideh.

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