Romania’s anticorruption directorate launches probes into new internal scandal

The central office of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has requested the local DNA office in Oradea to explain the circumstances related to a leaked recording, apparently showing prosecutors of the specific regional office preparing to intimidate judges.

The DNA central office also said that it decided to replace the head of the regional DNA office in Oradea in April 2018 and to re-assign to the central office two investigation files involving magistrates.

The judiciary inspection of the magistrates’ body CSM also evaluated the activity of DNA Oradea office and revealed problems related to the activity of the two managers that had coordinated the office over the past years, DNA explained in its press release. But the Judiciary Inspection did not spot tensions between prosecutors and judges, DNA added.

On January 4, a lawyer (Razvan Doseanu) published recordings apparently showing prosecutors at DNA Oradea office preparing to open files against judges, with the declared aim of intimidating them. The recording reportedly dates from January 2018. Doseanu said that he received the recording from an anonymous source, adding that he could not confirm the authenticity but can confirm that he recognized the voices of DNA prosecutors.

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