Protest in front of the European Commission’s HQ in Brussels against illegal logging in Romania

Romanian NGO Agent Green and Euronatur Germany will protest on Thursday morning, November 8, in front of the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels against illegal logging in Romania.

“Our natural heritage is at stake: Europe’s last great virgin forests located in the Romanian Carpathians are being logged by hungry corporations backed by the corrupted Government. Please join us to send a strong message to the EU Commission and the Parliament,” reads the Facebook event dedicated to this demonstration.

Later the same day, the two NGOs will organize an event that will include a film screening of the Out Of Control series on logging in National Parks in Romania.

A report by Greenpeace Romania not only showed that illegal logging continues to be a major problem for Romania, but also revealed a worrying increase in cases of illegal logging. A total of 12,487 cases of illegal logging were identified nationwide in 2017, which would translate into 34 cases per day, representing an increase of 32% compared to the previous year.

Irina Marica, [email protected]