Romanian President sends justice laws to Constitutional Court and Venice Commission

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis decided to send the justice laws to the Constitutional Court and to notify the Venice Commission for an opinion on these laws. He made the announcement on Wednesday, May 2.

Iohannis urged the Constitutional Court not to rush its conclusions on these laws and cooperate with the Venice Commission on assessing the provisions included in them. He said that after the Constitutional Court will present its opinions, he will decide if he sends the laws back to the Parliament for review.

The three laws have a significant impact on the local justice system, redefining the magistrates’ status and responsibilities. The ruling coalition made of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) passed these laws through the Parliament in an emergency procedure, at the end of last year, which sparked criticism from magistrate associations, the opposition and the European Commission.

Fears of political control over the justice system emerged and the Council of Europe’s anticorruption body GRECO also issued a negative report on these laws. The Constitutional Court has already ruled that some provisions included in these laws are unconstitutional.

However, PSD MP Florin Iordache, who coordinates the special parliamentary committee in charge with changing the laws of justice, says the Venice Commission won’t find anything wrong with the laws of justice. The committee he coordinates is now working on changing the country’s criminal codes.

Venice Commission to be notified for opinion on Romania Justice Laws changes

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