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(P) Digital Media Romania – the place where Creative Cloud products come to life

Adobe’s Digital Media Business Unit focuses on advancing state-of-the-art content and driving digital transformation of industries. It provides tools and services that enable individuals, small businesses, and enterprises to create, publish, promote, manage, and monetize their content anywhere through Creative Cloud and Document Cloud.  

The Digital Media team in Bucharest is dedicated to empowering creativity in all possible ways. Our portfolio currently includes multiple projects, covering a myriad of modern technologies that naturally target end-user delight and productivity. They stretch product teams beyond business-as-usual comfort and expose developers to the newest available platforms and technology stacks. Our colleagues have the opportunity to contribute to Adobe XD, Adobe Text Engine (ATE), Adobe Fonts, Creative Cloud Services (through projects such as Machine Learning for Photoshop, New File Workflows or the App Home Screens), Adobe Stock, Business Catalyst, and a brand-new stealth project focused on Web-based creativity.

Photoshop’s Neural Filters – a massive feature developed with the help of Romanian engineers

For most people, Photoshop is one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Adobe. Our team of brilliant engineers in Bucharest has recently taken the tough challenge of revolutionizing portraits and photography editing workflows, using Machine Learning. The algorithms behind this new feature, called Neural Filters, have been built in Romania and are now available in Adobe Photoshop, for everyone’s awe and excitement.

Bogdan Sumanariu, the Engineering Manager of the team that took part in making Photoshop one of world’s most advanced AI applications for creatives, shared that “Working on the Neural Filters project was a continuous battle against time. You have to understand the inner-workings of Photoshop and choose the right framework that will give the maximum flexibility for User Experience. It takes research in Machine Learning models that can guarantee users’ positive reactions. We continuously interacted with Photoshop’s community and iterate over the proposed workflows and the quality of our outputs. We won this battle thanks to our extraordinary, dedicated, and entrepreneurial team, with a broad skill-set. The project has, at its foundation, countless hours of brainstorming between all team members (either on the C++, JS, UX or ML side) and the result of it is astonishing – not only for the end user but also for the actual engineering team. The team found itself a new mojo – the confidence it can deliver amazing things that couldn’t even have been imagined one year back. And in the end, this is what matters: the people and their confidence to use their skills (already discovered or not) at full potential .”

Adobe XD – a UX design platform created in Romania

Another impressive project currently developed by Digital Media Bucharest is Adobe XD. This is a user experience design platform where teams create the world’s best experiences at scale, while also taking advantage of all Adobe’s leading Creative Cloud tools.  

Built on a modern technology stack and available on a variety of platforms (desktop, web, mobile) - XD was born with the bold purpose of making design a breeze for everyone. With XD you can wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more.