How much money does a family need to live decently in Romania?

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The value of the consumer basked that provides a decent living for a family of four (two adults and two children) in the city is RON 6,762 (EUR 1,451) per month, according to a study by Sydnex, the Quality of Life Research Institute and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

For a family with two adults and one child, the minimum consumer basket for a decent living is RON 5,551 (EUR 1,191), according to the same study, cited by local For a family made only of two adults the cost is RON 4,146 (EUR 890) and for a single person the cost amounts to RON 2,552 (EUR 548).

A minimum decent living is defined as having all the biological and social needs covered at a certain point, according to the study’s authors. This includes a balanced diet, new clothes and shoes, a home that offers some degree of autonomy and intimacy to the family members, equipped with furniture and appliances in a good state, the possibility to pay all bills, cover for health costs, go to the cinema and museum and have a holiday once a year.

Eurostat data shows that 90% of Romania’s population doesn’t have enough money for a minimum decent living, according to Victoria Stoiciu, program coordinator at Friedrich Ebert Stiftunf Romania, local Agerpres reported. Nine in ten Romanians earn less than RON 2,500 (EUR 537) per month, according to Eurostat.

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