EC President answers Romanian PM’s letter on justice interference

European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker answered a letter from Romanian prime minister Viorica Dancila who asked him for explanations on an alleged EC interference in Romania’s justice system.

Dancila’s letter referred to a document the European Commission sent to the Romanian government in 2012, in which the EC asked for information related to some high-profile corruption cases that were ongoing at that time. The document was presented by the local media earlier this year and the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) said that the EC’s request from 2012 may have been an interference in local justice.

In his answer to the Romanian PM, Juncker says that the information the EC requested in 2012 was used to prepare a technical mission within the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) evaluation process, local reported.

He added that the EC never asked for information on the content of those cases but only on their status, to assess Romania’s efficiency in managing high-profile corruption cases.

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