Court ruling obliges Romanian couple to go to school

A man and a woman of Roma ethnicity, who stood trial for tax evasion, received an unusual sentence: the court ruled that they have to attend a primary school course of at least four years, local Mediafax reported.

The Probation Service in Iasi, the city where the two live, will be in charge of making sure that they respect the court’s ruling.

Also, both the man and the woman received suspended sentences of three years for tax evasion in repeated form.

The decision is not final, however, and can be challenged to Iasi Court of Appeal.

The couple’s trial began in June 2017. The prosecutors said that, through the local company Dragutu Occidental SRL Iasi, the two caused a damage of almost RON 0.5 million to the state budget.

Irina Marica, [email protected]


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