Alternative beaches in Romania to try this summer

The established resorts at the Romanian seaside come with a varied offer but also with the many tourists attracted to it. Below is a list of alternative beaches and beach alternatives to consider for this summer holiday.

Sulina is Romania’s easternmost point and boasts a large beach, where the Danube meets the sea. The beach, with fine sand, stands some 3 km away from the city and it can be reached by a local bus or by walking.

Sulina Beach. Photo:

The town of Sulina can also make for a one-day trip. Its tourist attractions include the Old Lighthouse, built in 1869 or the landmark building of the Palace of the European Commission of the Danube. This was built between 1856 and 1858 and it is a symbol of the city’s economic and social growth of the time.

Some 50 km away from Tulcea, Gura Portitei is a fishermen village turned resort boasting a wild coast. The 4-km long beach is part of the Danube Delta reserve, in between the Golovita Lake and the Black Sea.

Wild horses at the Gura Portiței beach

It is a good place to enjoy a quiet time and clear water. It is accessible from Jurilovca village by the passenger ship or a motorboat crossing the Golovita lake.

Sfântu Gheorghe is another quiet beach in the Danube Delta. Located at some 3 km from Sfântu Gheorghe, it is one of the few virgin beaches in Romania. The beach can be reached by walking from Sfântu Gheorghe (a 20-30 min walk), or by a tractor with a trailer specially arranged to transport people.

Sfantul Gheorghe. Photo: Anonimul IFF Facebook Page

The 14-km long beach is sometimes the territory of the wild horses roaming in the Letea Forest nearby. The Anonimul International Film Festival takes place in Sfântu Gheorghe in August, one more reason to add the place to the travel list.

The virgin beaches at Vadu and Corbu are also a great summer getaway for those who want to get away from civilisation.

Moving away from the seaside, the shores of the Colibița lake offer sunbathers the fresh mountain air that come with the Călimani Mountains location, in Bistrița-Năsăud county, Northern Romania. The lake was created after the Colibița dam was built on the Bistrița river, and it is sometimes referred to as “the sea in the mountains.”

The Colibița Lake. Photo: Danretegan/ Wikipedia.

The guest houses located nearby offer various SPA facilities, artificial beaches and pools. Various water sport options are available, among them rafting and kayaking year-round, wind-surfing or row boat rides. Visitors can also take a stroll around the lake or explore the mountains in the area.

In western Romania, those who do not wish to or cannot travel to Black Sea can enjoy the artificial beach that has been set up in Ghioroc, by the lake of the same name, close to Arad. The beach has been attracting more and more tourists lately especially that a summer festival is ongoing there until September.

A night view of the beach at Ghioroc. Photo: Terasa Laguna-Plaja Ghioroc Facebook Page

This year, the beach will be open until September 15. The local authorities have brought in palm trees to help with the exotic feel of the place and have renewed the sand this year. A camping will also be available on site.

For those staying in Bucharest, all the aqua parks of the capital come with artificial beaches, in addition to large pools. You can find them at Therme, Divertiland or Waterpark Otopeni.

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