Guest Writers

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Ronnie Smith
Guest writer

Ronnie Smith is Scottish and now lives in Romania, working as a professional training business consultant and communication coach. He is also a teacher of political science, a political and social commentator and a writer of fiction.

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Mariana Ganea
Trainer & Guest writer

Mariana holds a PhD in Economics and she has been working in banking since 1991. Now, she is senior training consultant in banking and she is also freelancer authorized trainer in soft skills and financial banking techniques. She studied banking techniques, communication, sales, NPL, coaching and transactional analysis. She is passionate about education, travel, history, politics, music, reading, movies, cultural events and photography.

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Paul Wood
Guest writer

Paul Wood read History at Queens’ College, Cambridge and studied to be a lawyer without having the stomach to become one. He worked in the British civil service and in the City of London. He fell in love with Romania while travelling through in 1990 and has lived and worked as a headhunter in Romania since 1998. After almost 14 years he is still fascinated by the most egregious capital in Europe. His favourite activities are talking, thinking, walking, reading and looking round churches. He collects friends and books. He is conservative but unconventional, a Catholic with a Protestant mind, a solitary extrovert and a political refugee from the global village. His blog is here.

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Matt Sampalean
Guest writer

Matt was born in Romania and grew up in a world of ration cards and clandestine Radio Free Europe broadcasts. He immigrated with his parents to Toronto, Canada in 1991 where he spent twenty years before returning to Romania as co-founder of a technology startup. When he’s not working he blogs about his experiences as a person with ‘bipolar nationality disorder’.

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Marina Garcia Perez
Guest writer

Marina Garcia Pérez is a young professional from Spain who has been living in Romania since 2012, where she is involved in the PR industry and works for a Romanian PR agency. Before coming to Bucharest she lived in London for a year and she also studied a complete academic course of her degree, Journalism, in Lisbon. In her hometown, in the north of Spain, she had previously worked for a daily newspaper where she was able to discover the journalism world. For she writes comment pieces about the local PR industry and communication in general.